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Jiahao left an academic career at MIT for industry in 2017. At that time, the deep learning revolution was in full-swing, but many of the impressive advancements were not in universities, but in companies. He became a Senior Manager of Data Science at Capital One focusing on machine learning research for credit analytics and retail operations. Jiahao shipped his first models in production—based on logistic regression and naïve Bayes—and felt like he’d suffered a bait and switch. Instead of the latest and greatest in neural networks, why did he ship a model based on decades-old statistics that he used to teach at MIT?

It turns out that banking regulations require models have behaviors that are understandable to humans, and must be proven to be non-discriminatory before they can be used. Jiahao became interested in fairness and explainability in AI/ML, and how to use state-of-the-art research techniques to address compliance needs. Jiahao started the responsible machine learning group at Capital One as a result, and brought those interests to JPMorgan Chase as a Director of AI Research. By the time Jiahao left in 2021, he was part of the leadership that oversaw the department’s growth to almost 70 full-time PhDs, as well as developing new techniques for fair lending compliance review and model risk management for AI/ML systems. Jiahao then co-founded a startup where he developed new risk management techniques for employment decision systems, and closed his first revenue sustaining customer just six months into the startup.

When still in academia, Jiahao was a Research Scientist at MIT CSAIL where he co-founded and led the Julia Lab, focusing on applications of the Julia programming language to data science, scientific computing, and machine learning. Jiahao has organized JuliaCon, the Julia conference, for the years 2014-2016, as well as organized workshops at NeurIPS, SIAM CSE, and the American Chemical Society National Meetings. Jiahao has authored over 120 packages for numerical computation, data science and machine learning for the Julia programming language, in addition to numerous contributions to the base language itself.



Jiahao is an independent consultant focusing on global AI governance and risk management. His company, Responsible AI LLC (RAI LLC), has diverse clients ranging from sovereign wealth funds, startups, enterprises, nonprofits, and government agencies. He builds enterprise-ready solutions for developing and deploying responsible AI systems in highly regulated industries, taking appropriate global perspectives in AI regulation across multiple jurisdictions worldwide. Jiahao remains active in academic machine learning research, including being Area Chair at FAccT and Ethics Chair of NeurIPS. Jiahao also consults with nonprofits on open source development and investigative data journalism.

Trusted expertise

Jiahao has published extensively in the academic literature. View Jiahao’s academic publications on Google Scholar | DBLP | arXiv | SSRN | ORCID

Jiahao has worked at these universities:

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Ritsumeikan University MIT

this national laboratory:

DSO National Laboratories

and these companies:

Capital One JPMorgan Chase & Co. Parity Technologies

Jiahao’s expertise in responsible AI is widely sought after by universities, governments, and companies worldwide,

In China China:


In France France:

INRIA Schlumberger

In Germany Germany:

Deutsche Bank

In Japan Japan:

Financial Services Agency Kumamoto University Nagoya University Osaka University

In Poland Poland:

Warsaw School of Economics

In Singapore Singapore:

National University of Singapore

In Sweden Sweden:

Umeå University

In the United Kingdom United Kingdom:

Beamery Information Commissioner’s Office University of Cambridge The University of Manchester

In the United States United States,

these government agencies:

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau DARPA National Institute of Standards and Technology

these companies:

IBM Intel S&P Global

this nonprofit:

Partnership on AI

and researchers at these universities:

Boston University Columbia University Cornell University Harvard University Howard University New York University North Carolina Agricultural and Technical StateUniversity Princeton University Stanford University Tufts University University of California, Los Angeles University of California, San Diego The University of Chicago


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